With technology
comes transparency.

Our Vision

Raising the standards

We created Spec because we saw the potential for technology to raise the standards of practice in the property industry across the board, and around the world.

Accuracy, guaranteed

One of the first ways we’re doing this is by using revolutionary 3D cameras as part of an affordable, end-to-end property technology solution.

Because of how accurately we measure spaces, our floor plans, photos, 360° and VR experiences are more reliable and ensure fewer surprises.

Transparent future

Spec assets also protect estate agents from the risks of inaccurate advertising, attract more interest on portals, and help to win more instructions.

Now more than ever, building trust with customers is a priority for businesses that want to stay one step ahead in a rapidly changing property market. Spec represents the future; transparent, principled, prosperous.

Spec Digital Surveyors

This is only the beginning

In our quest to build a new standard for the property industry, our team are innovating everyday.

We are developing new features to add to the Spec package that will soon offer your customers even more confidence in their decision to sell, buy or let a home with your business.