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The property report for homeowners and buyers that's accurate, data-insured and unbiased. Calculate the exact value per square foot and buy with confidence. Understand your renovation opportunities.

The level of accuracy and transparency provided by the Spec Report allows you to do the following with absolute confidence:

Calculate exact property value per sqft
Access unbiased, accurate property information
Assess renovation opportunities
Feel safe with Spec Verified accuracy
Discover the true liveable space
Test if favourite furniture fits
Trust the reported size of a property
Transact with confidence

Included in every Spec Report

Duty of care letter
Spec Verified floor plan
Professional photos
Summary of findings
Component areas
Measurement process

The Spec Report Service

1. Easy booking

With a quick call, we’ll arrange to have the property measured by one of our Digital Surveyors.

2. One and done

We capture everything in one visit, ensuring minimal disruption.

3. Spec Report delivered

You'll receive your Spec Report within days.

Did you know?

Our research* revealed in 60% of cases, traditional floor plans over-state the size.
The average discrepancy is an extra 54 sqft - enough for a small bedroom or study. In houses it’s 92 sqft.
* Spec White Paper - The Risks and Costs of Mismeasured Properties. March 2019.

Accurate to 99% of a property’s true size

Spec Verified is the source of truth for residential property measurement.Discover our process
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