With technology comes transparency

At Spec, our purpose is to inspire peace of mind for every sales and rental experience.

We partner with estate agents to deliver feature-rich marketing assets and verified property measurements. By taking transparency to a new level, we're helping agents build trust with their customers.

Our vision is to build the new standard for the residential property industry across the board, and around the world.

Spec represents the future; transparent, principled, prosperous.


Our technology

Every property, scanned.

Our proprietary software and Leica 3D cameras are engineered for consistent quality, accuracy and speed. Built to be convenient and affordable. Designed to instill a new confidence during the sales and rental experience. We're achieving change for everyone and every property, not for the few.

Our transparency

Designed for trust.

We take transparency to a new level. By capturing properties with verified accuracy, we build trust for all parties. By being accountable, we’re improving the sales and rental experience for everyone.

Our people

Building a better property industry.

Our growing team consists of pioneering engineers, designers, researchers and property professionals. We're driven by the same purpose: that together, we can revolutionise the property industry.

Our Digital Surveyors

The Spec home visit and capture will be carried out by one of our Digital Surveyors.

All Digital Surveyors are trained in RICS Property Measurement as well as being:

  • RICS certified
  • Over 100 hours of training
  • Fully insured
  • Identity and DBS checked
  • Domestic Energy Trained (EPC)

Accurate to 99% of a property’s true size

Spec Verified is the source of truth for residential property measurement.Discover our process
Accurate measurements