approximate measurements

Traditional floor plan
points of measurement
Traditional floor plan with approximate measurements
“all measurements are approximate”
“not representative of the property”
“for illustrative purposes only”
“no responsibility is taken for any error, omission, or mis-statement”
Average 1,000 sqft property

Spec Verified

Hello Spec Verified

Spec Verified floor plan
5 million
points of measurement
Guaranteed measurements to 99% of true size
Backed by £10M insurance (insured for accuracy)
Protect all parties: sellers, buyers and agents
RICS and Land Registry compliant
Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
Average 1,000 sqft property

Did you know?

In 60% of cases, traditional floor plans over-state the size.

The average property in London is mismeasured by 54 sqft - enough for a small bedroom or study. In houses it’s 92 sqft.

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We measure internal spaces of properties with unequivocal accuracy.

No differences of opinion. No room for doubt. Just a clear set of calculated, precise facts everyone can trust. That’s Spec Verified®.

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Spec Digital Surveyor

Here’s how it works


A Spec Digital Surveyor
visits your property

Spec Digital Surveyors are RICS Certified Property Measurers and have over 100 hours of industry-leading training by Spec.
Spec Digital Surveyor holding a Leica BLK2GO

The Leica BLK2GO scans each room

The Digital Surveyor uses our custom capture software. Our software connects to the BLK2GO laser imaging scanner.
Spec Digital Surveyor with a Leica BLK2GOSpec Digital Surveyor with Leica BLK2GOSpec Digital Surveyor with Leica BLK2GO

Proprietary algorithms deliver accurate measurements

We capture millions of data points of measurement per property, with at least two scans in each room. The Digital Surveyor completes a software assisted review of the data and uploads this to our proprietary cloud software. Spec algorithms compute millimetre-accurate measurements.
We capture millions of data points of measurement per property, with at least two scans in each room.
Spec Digital Surveyor capturing a property

Quality control checks
are completed

Spec Quality Control completes a final review of measurement and geolocation data. This 21-part QC process by RICS Certified Property Measurers ensures Spec Verified accuracy.
Spec Verified quality control process

You’ll receive your
Spec Verified floor plan

The clear, easy to read Spec Verified floor plan includes the capture date, number of laser scan points, and all the important measurements you need:
Gross internal area
1202.01 sqft
Net internal area
1106.53 sqft
1157.34 sqft
114.93 sqft
External structural features
129.08 sqft
Restricted head height
125.32 sqft
Spec Verified floor plan illustration

The accuracy of Spec Verified benefits everyone

Home movers with an estate agent viewing a propertyHome movers with an estate agent viewing a property

Estate agents

Calculate exact value per sqft
Build trust with customers by reporting accurate floor plans
Apply best practices of property measurement
Avoid legal and commercial risk due to inaccurate floor plans

Buyers and renters

Transact with confidence
Use accurate data to inform your offer
Discover the true liveable space
Assess renovating opportunities
Test if favourite furniture fits

The future of Spec Verified

From underwriting home insurance policies, to helping provide accurate utilities costs, the positive impact of Spec Verified continues to grow.

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“Spec's accurate floor plans are the step forward the industry needs.”

Paula Higgins,
CEO & Founder, HomeOwners Alliance

“Spec’s accurate property measurement is of great assistance to everyone involved in the property buying or selling process.”

Mark Bentley,
Former President, NAEA Propertymark

“We are delighted to be working with Spec, who are committed to ensuring their Digital Surveyors work to RICS standards.”

Matt McDermott,
RICS Programme Director of International Standards, RICS
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