Enhance your listings with high quality photos

Our technology optimises images to deliver best in class photographs.

Innovative digital image capture and processing

Spec Computational Photography utilises our industry leading, proprietary machine learning algorithms. Along with our rigorous post-production quality control process, we ensure every photograph meets our exacting standards and your stylistic preferences.


Triple lense camera


3D sensors


Vertex application


Optical image data


AI engine




Quality control


Final image

Blue sky enhancement
Market leading quality
Every room photographed
Highly trained Digital Surveyors
Ready to upload online
Enhanced image processing
Sensitive and personal images blurred
Watermark options available
Same or next day delivery
Industry leading technology
Saturday captures available

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Mile Estates
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The Stratford
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John D Wood & Co.
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See more examples

View post
Mile Estates
View post
The Stratford
View post
John D Wood & Co.
View post
Felicity J Lord
View post
Madison Brook
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Ensure the homeowner or occupants' privacy

With our 21 step process, the image quality is optimised and any sensitive information is blurred. These checks keep you safe and protects any sensitive information that might be on show within a property at the time of capture. This includes, but is not limited to:

Number plates
Faces visible in photos
Door numbers
Private documents
Personal information

Rated excellent by leading agents

5 stars
Vital to our business
“Spec’s services have been vital to our business to show detailed and professional property captures, floor plans and 360 virtual tours for every property in sales and lettings.”
5 stars
Great company
“The website/booking form is easy to use and the staff are incredibly helpful especially when there are deadlines to work towards”
5 stars
I always use them
“Accuracy is so important to protect us and our clients.”
Felicity J Lord
5 stars
Spec works - brilliantly!
“Always responsive and helpful and our current Account Manager Max is always on hand if we need help”
Carter Jonas
5 stars
Amazing company
“Booked an appointment for 9am and had my assets send to me before I even returned to my office!”
Longbridge Estates
5 stars
Fantastic service
“Fantastic with the quality of the package they provide and everyone in their team is really professional & friendly”
Havilands Estates
5 stars
5 star all the way
“All my clients have been happy with all the photos floor plans and virtual tours. Would highly recommended Spec making my sales even easier”
APX Properties
5 stars
Thoroughly recommend!
“Their clean and easy-to-use portal makes booking and managing jobs a breeze, and they have had no issues handling large volumes of orders at short notice.”
Right Now Residential
5 stars
Expert service
“Brilliant photos and expert service. Off the back of my listing I got the place sold subject to contract at 20k over asking!”
Alexander Rose Estates
5 stars
Breath of fresh air
“Spec put us in the shop window and make us stand out amongst our competitors. We now use Spec on all our listings be it lettings or sales.”
Homefinders Stratford

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“Spec's accurate floor plans are the step forward the industry needs.”

Paula Higgins,
CEO & Founder, HomeOwners Alliance

“Spec’s accurate property measurement is of great assistance to everyone involved in the property buying or selling process.”

Mark Bentley,
Former President, NAEA Propertymark

“We are delighted to be working with Spec, who are committed to ensuring their Digital Surveyors work to RICS standards.”

Matt McDermott,
RICS Programme Director of International Standards, RICS
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